Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bumpdate {22 weeks}

Happy Thursday lovelies!!!!

Yesterday I ran so many errands and today I just want to sit and relax! This baby boy and I are tired!!!

So lets do a bumpdate!

How Far along: 22 weeks today!

Size Of Baby: about the size of a papaya, around 8 inches and weighing a little over 1 pound!

Maternity Clothes: yes! And lots of leggings!

Stretch Marks: just that same one as before.

Weight Gain: I did not weigh myself but I am guessing right around 12 lbs

Sleep: getting better! I am understanding my new body and what is more comfortable to sleep. Of course from 7am to about 10am I sleep the best because husby isn't in bed and I can roll and spread out hehe.

Best Moment of the Week: getting some fantastic items from husby's coworker! A pack n play, little swing, and high chair!!!
And a random lady at the store ask me when I was due -- it's fun to look pregnant and not just like I ate too many cupcakes (:

Movement: lots!!! It is so so wonderful! Not strong enough to be felt from the outside yet.

Cravings: last Sunday Martin and I went to this delicious Thai food restaurant and I have been thinking about it non stop! Mmmm and the Thai tea!!! Mmmm!!!!

Gender: boy boy boy!

Belly Button In or Out: in. {advice to anyone thinking of getting their belly button pierced - DO NOT DO IT! I got mine when I was about 14 and it's stretched to the max and uncomfortable}

Wedding Ring on or Off: on still (:

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: not a thing!

What I Miss: hhmmm... This question is always hard. I am gonna say multiple cups of coffee.

What I am Looking Forward to: feeling baby move on the outside!

Nursery: we are going with browns and blues. We even got an okay from our landlord to paint the room so I am researching what I want to do!

Emotions: This week I did have a freak out moment. My aunt said its normal which made me feel better. No matter how many babies I have seen and helped take care of -- nothing is the same as being a mother! Thoughts of inadequacy were flooding my mind. Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to raise him with a good strong biblical foundation? How will I be able to function with little sleep?
After a talk, some prayer, and coloring in my coloring book (my kind of therapy) I am feeling way better.
I am excited and feeling blessed! I may not know what I am doing but I am not alone and I trust The Lord with my life and this baby's life!

What baby is up to: Seth is able to perceive light, although his eye lids are still infused shut. He can also grab with his tiny hands -- the only thing to grab is the umbilical cord though. And teeny tiny little teeth buds are starting to sprout under his gums! So cute!

We are getting closer and closer and I am so so excited!!!

{I want to do a fun "getting to know me" blog post.... So ask me any questions and I will answer them next week!}

Baby bumps and love. - Monica


Lauren said...

Aw so cute! You look like such a beautiful pregnant woman Monica! xo

Anonymous said...

So exciting that you're over halfway there!! My bumpdate comes out tomorrow...but I have no bump...its so saddddd

Mariel Collins said...

Yay 22 weeks! You look amazing, such a sweet baby bump!

Mrs. M ~ a.k.a. ~ April said...

What sweet gifts you got! Cool!

Nicole said...

I feel like your pregnancy is FLYING by! You are looking so so cute!!