Friday, March 22, 2013

Fridays Letters

Dear Baby V,
I am already so so in love with you! Feeling you move around and kick is the best feel ever. Daddy and I pray for you daily and can't wait to meet you and hug you for the first time! Love you!!!

Dear Alabama Weather,
Seriously??? Can we stop with the crazy scary storms. This California girl is NOT a fan of fast winds and tornados. Lets make this yr different and have none!

Dear Sophia Belle,
You have become such a beautiful dog! I am so proud of you for no longer biting and chewing (minus socks... You gotta just stay away from those).
I hope you are enjoying your BIG yard.... But daddy might be getting you a brother dog soon so hopefully you can share! Love you princess!

Dear Husband,
I am not a good napper. You are so sweet to have me lie down since my back has been hurting .... But I am just laying here and not sleeping.
Thank you for being you! You are such a great man, wonderful husband, and spiritual leader. I can't wait to see you interact with Seth and teach him to be a man of God.

Dear Lord,
I praise You! It's really the only thing I have been able to say lately. I am just in awe of who You are and all You do! Thank You for your goodness, God. I pray You would touch me, my family, and every beautiful person reading this right now with a fresh love. Ignite a fire in our hearts, Lord. I love you!

Dear huge bugs,
Get out of my house! Ok, thanks.

Dear readers/followers/friends,
Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. You all continue to inspire me with your kindness and love. You make it fun to share my heart and my updates on my life. (: I pray for all you!
Remember to check out my social media to stay even more updated on everything! (: Have a lovely weekend!!!

Letters and love, Monica


Sarah Nicole said...

Haha ditto on the huge bugs! I'm glad that MOST of the time my husband doesn't mind squishing them for me! lol

Mariel Collins said...

I am praying for no storms down in FL too, we've been so blessed lately! And as far as bugs...oh no we don't like them at all!

aimymichelle said...

what a sweet husband.