Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Refreshing Season

Easter is just around the corner, lovelies!

The betrayal.
The beating.
The cross.
And the beautiful resurrection.

It is a new season!

A time to reflect on our lives and then push toward that redeeming love.

Christ died a painful death for our sins, friends! I do not need to sit in my shame, be afraid of the future, or allow the devil to have power over my thoughts. I am victorious because Christ rose from the dead to give me life!

Lately, I have been feeling this sense of refreshing. With spring here and this glorious holiday my spirit is just dancing in joy. The rain is gone and has washed away anything that doesn't need to be in my life. Refreshing winds have blown and have given me a new perspective.
Today is a new day! Full of grace, joy, and love from God.

Lovelies, I am praying for all you especially during this season. I pray that the true meaning of Easter will impact you in a way that it never has before.

You are set free! Your sins are forgiven and you get to walk in new life.

Easter rambling and love. - Monica