Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conversations with a 5 yr old.

The other day at work i had a simply lovely conversation with a little girl. lol.

It all started because of my "big, huge hello kitty purse".

One day i was watching Kandee Johnson's youtube channel and she had a Whats in my Pregnant Purse Video  and i ABSOLUTELY fell in complete love with this adorable hello kitty purse! Yes, yes, i know.. i am like 5 yrs old.
Anyways.. i ended up buying this wonderous purse and i get compliments on it all the time! (ask my Fiance... hehe... all the time people always say "thats a really cute purse.")

Well.. my purse hangs on the chair at my work and so people can see it... its kinda on display. lol

So i am at work the other day and this little girl... probably about 5 yrs old comes up to me and says "i like hello kitty more then you.. even though you have a big, huge hello kitty purse". (see.. i AM like 5)
SOOOO cute! I begin a little conversation with her about all the hello kitty stuff i had when i was younger... and the stuff she has now. She was precious. 

The most amazing part was the wonder that was in this little girl's life still. It was that feeling of "i can do whatever i want to do in life!". That feeling that so many of us lose in our lifetimes because of fear, or hurt or insecurity. That little girl didn't have that. She just stood there and talked to me about all the wonderful stuff she had and all the things she wanted to do when she got older. I miss that feeling of being able to conquer the world and nothing can hold me back! 
I know that i need to get that back. Kick fear, insecurity, and past hurt out of my life and run into my destiny. (: 

Ever since talking to that little girl at work i have been looking at my life and have been really noticing how often fear, insecurity, and hurt can keep me from my life. Even in talking to different friends and hearing them share some of their fears -- i am able to see how badly it can hurt our lives. And now, more then ever, i am noticing it with my upcoming marriage. I cant let it hurt my life or my marriage. So my new goal is to purposefully work on my fears, hurts, and insecurity. Conquer it all! (: All things are possible with Christ who strengthens me. 

big purses, conquering insecurity, and love. - M

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matt+jess said...

Such an inspiring story! I absolutely adore children for many things, including their views on life. Thanks for sharing!