Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apartment for husband and wife!

Well, its official - my fiance and I got approved for an apartment! We are sooo excited! (:

This is actually the first apartment that i have picked out. hehe. All the other times my roommates have always picked them out and then i moved in. But this time i got to help pick it out! i got to take a tour of it and everything! i felt sooo adult like. hehe. Its not an apartment for roommates  - its an apartment for husband and wife!

It makes me feel like it needs to look really nice. Like all my little girl decorations need to be updated to a more sophisticated taste. lol. After all, my husband needs to like the apartment too. hehe. I am extremely excited to decorate though! And i'll try not to make it all girl. hehe. (:

Its crazy to think that in less then 2 months i will be living with a boy. okay not a BOY..... he'll be my husband - but this is a VERY new (and exciting) experience for me!

It sometimes surprises me that every day i find that i am more and more proud of my future husband. He is out of town working his little booty off in the hot sun. It takes a certain type of man to do what he is doing and my heart is filled with pride! (: I am extremely proud of that man that he is becoming.

On a side note... a light bulb at my work just burned out. And i mean BURNED out... like it was just smoking. awesome!

new apartments, light bulbs, and love - M


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new pad! Soooo exciting! I hope your transition into living with a boy is as pleasant as mine was!

Miss M said...

thanks Andi! i am sure it will be! i am just soo excited!