Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dinner with a friend

So.. yes... as i have explained in my other post... yesterday wasn't the greatest BUT i did manage to be able to have dinner with my close friend Alyssa (we went to school together in 2008 and she was in town for a friend's wedding.)

We decided to go to Olive Garden and have the soup and salad dinner special. We also ordered an appetizer of calamari, chicken strips, and fried zucchini. Oh my goodness! It was all soo delicious and i definitely ate to much.  

It was nice just visiting with her and catching up. We hadn't seen each other for over a year! (last time she visited.. martin and i were in the beginning stages of our relationship and now... we are planning a wedding!) Alyssa ordered a delicious Mocha that looked so wonderful i ended up ordering it too.

It even came with a cute little miniature biscotti. I didn't finish mine because 1) i was WAY to full and 2) it was 7pm and i needed to sleep. 

We also ordered their teeny tiny desserts. It was chocolate moose with chocolate crust and dark chocolate shavings on top. It was the perfect amount. (:

When we were leaving and driving back to my place to recover from the amount we consumed - we talked about how we love the simply pleasures in life. The things that delight our heart. One of which was dinner with a friend. Just a simple dinner with great conversation. (: 

I don't need a whole lot of thrill or excitement to be happy. I don't need tons and tons of money (as long as my bills are paid, i have a roof over my head, and food on my table). I enjoy sitting on a blanket at the park with my Fiance. I enjoy dinners with a friend. Going to a museum. Watching a play. Listening to music. Taking  a walk. Its the simple things that i enjoy most. (: I don't want to take it for granted. 

simple pleasures, tiny desserts, and love, - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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