Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Romantic dates on a budget. (:

Since every dollar is accounted for in this wedding and getting an apartment. My amazing Fiance and i have to get a little creative for dates. (:

I expressed to him that i needed a romantic date. Just him and i being together, enjoying each other's company. My Fiance sure knows how to deliver!!!

He took me on an amazing picnic by this beautiful waterfall. We had to walk a little bit but it wasn't that far of a walk. We walked down to right by the waterfall and had lunch. It was about 10 degrees cooler by the water! We were gonna go swimming but the water was way to cold!

It was fun just talking about things and sitting by these gorgeous man-made waterfall! Like i've said before... i love the simple pleasures of life. (:

After "hiking" (it was like a .25 mile walk really) back to our car we went and changed into our "date clothes" (which pretty much was jeans and tank top lol) and went to the $1.50 movie. We, of course, stopped by the dollar store to stock up on snacks. hehe. The movie theater in town plays older movies (like movies now on DVD) for $1.50 each. (: SUCH a great deal! 
We were going to watch the new fast and the furious movie.... but apparently they were cleaning the seats so we watched Water For Elephants instead. It was pretty good. 

Once the movie was done we went to walk around at a beautiful scenic bridge. We just walked and talked about things. Its amazing what conversation can do for a relationship. 

I was getting a little hungry so we decided to go to Red Robin and share something. We ordered "clucks and fries" or something like that. lol. So we got chicken strips, shrimp, and fries... they even put it in two separate baskets. The waiter gave us 2 boxes of fries when we were leaving too! (:

Overall, it was an amazing date!!! Ya... we can't go out and see the newest movie or go to a super expensive restaurant. But we can take joy in every moment together! (: 

romance, waterfalls, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is breathtaking.

Summer said...

Love the waterfalls! What a neat idea, and don't worry H and I sacrificed a lot leading up to our wedding as well, and it feels like deja vu less than a year later while we wait to close on our house. It's so worth it in the end, and it makes us appreciate everything so much more since we worked so hard for it.

Miss M said...

every moment with my Fiance is fun and exciting. (:

Jessica Lynch said...

How romantic! The waterfall looks gorgeous! My fiance and I are trying to think of romantic dates on a budget as well, so please update your blog whenever you guys go on one to give me ideas! lol

Miss M said...

yes, i will! hehe. we have already said that we need to have another picnic by that waterfall. (: i will let you know when we do something else.