Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i'm an adult. when did this happen??

Yesterday i signed  my lease with my future husband! (3 days... he will be my husband!) I am sooo excited!

The other day, all while working an 8 hour shift, i got renter's insurance for our place... AND waited on hold for 45 minutes to get utilities put in OUR name. (:  But it got done.. and i think my wonderful Fiance will be sleeping in our apartment tonight. (:

It felt SOOOO weird when they were putting the big King bed in our new room. I like realized "oh my goodness... next week i will be sleeping next to my HUSBAND!" hehe.

I am starting to feel soooo adult now. I have always been paying bills (rent, utilities, car insurance, etc) but it feels different now. This apartment i got on my own with my soon-to-be husband. (no co-signer). We will have our bills, cell phones, cable, internet.... all for our new life. IDK... i just feel not like a kid anymore. hehe. (had to happen sometime)

Don't get me wrong - i still plan to be silly, dance around my house, sing super loud, cook mac-n-cheese, and color in my coloring books (i LOVE doing this when i am stressed or need to relax or feel creative) but i am ready for my wife role. (:

Cook for my husband, support him, love him, clean the house, work, pay bills... its exciting! hehe. (: Its not ALL mundane too. We will be able to go on trips together, relax together, take walks, go to church, and have dinner! (:

I know not everyday will be sunshine and rainbows. Not everyday will i feel like breaking out into song and dance. But it will be worth it. (:

growing up, fun times, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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