Monday, August 1, 2011

grab your umbrella...

... 'cause i just had a shower!!! (:

My bridal shower that my wonderful sister put on was this past saturday. (: My sister really went all out! There were gorgeous pink and purple flowers all over the house and she made soo much food! And all the food was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! We had  pesto salmon, rosemary shrimp kabobs, ceasar salad in Parmesan cheese cups, asparagus and cheese sandwich things, melted cheese with apples and crackers, beef and sweet onion bruchetta, mozzarella and tomato salad, and passion tea lemonade (like from starbucks.. only homemade!).

For dessert we had my all-time favorite - tiramisu!

It is lady fingers (like cookies) soaked in coffee (espresso) with mascrapone cheese and chocolate... its like an Italian cheesecake... only better! It is my favorite dessert in the world! 

My very-talented sister also made this creme puff tower with spun sugar. They were scrumptious and beautiful!

She also made chocolate moose with homemade cinnamon whip cream. She really out did herself. It was sooo good! 

Then of course we played some games. (: So we played a really hilarious ice breaker where we would say our least favorite chore- and 3 reasons why we didn't like it. Then we would replace "i hate this chore because" with " i hate sex because" hahaha. 
So mine was "i hate sex because it makes my hands smelly and slimy, it takes to long, and it gets my clothes all wet." My chore was washing dishes! hehe. everyone was cracking up!!! 

Another game was celebrity couples... my future mother-in-law won that game and got a prize. She got a "lunch kit" prize. So it had a super cute insulated lunch bag, a sandwich container, a small water bottle, and a insulated cup for soup. 

Then we played "who knows the bride the best" and my future sister-in-law won that game. She got a "movie night" prize. So it had 2 wedding related movies (27 dresses, and Monter-in-Law), 2 starbucks mugs, a tin of ghiradelli hot chocolate mix, popcorn, and 2 apple cider packages. My sister got GREAT prizes!

The other game we played was a purse game... and you scored your points of all the stuff you had in your purse. My sister's friend, Kelli, won that game and got the "pamper yourself" prize. It had a manicure set, a towel, and some nail polish, in a little carrying case.

The last game we played was the alphabet and we had to write a wedding related thing starting with each letter of the alphabet. Of course the other bride-to-be in the room won that game. So my, 
wonderful friend shawna got the "dinner salad" prize. It had a large salad bowl, cute salad tongs, different salad dressing, and cute containers to put oil and vinegar in. (:

It was such a wonderful and beautiful shower. i had soooo much fun!!! I got some amazing gifts of gift cards, books, and picture frames. And my sister made everyone caramel apples for a party favor! (: 

The next day future mother-in-law, future sister-in-law and i went out to breakfast and i got to show them my small hometown. We went to a craft fair... and my wonderful future sister-in-law totally bought a turtle!! She named him henry and i am incredibly jealous!!

Overall i had the best weekend! Then we took the 2 hour drive home and stopped to gaze upon the Lord's creation. (: 

Now.. i am only 2 weeks and 5 days away from my wedding! I have Shawna's shower this weekend, another friend's wedding on the 13th and then my big day!
Its getting soooo exciting!

Cute turtles, beautiful showers, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥


Jessica said...'re lucky to have so many good cooks in your family! That turtle is soooooooo cute! That's so exciting the wedding is so close! :)

Miss M said...

thanks! i hope to become a good cook as well. hehe. yes.. my wedding is approaching quickly! (: