Saturday, August 13, 2011

stopping to smell the roses

This pretty flower bouquet was at my work. A guest sent them to my manager. (:

This beautiful flower just kind of made me smile when i saw it. With life going by soo fast and always having a million things to do (especially with my wedding a week away) it  truly is nice to stop and smell the roses.

Its a phrase that is often said... but i doubt anyone really thinks about it. At least i don't. lol. But lately i am trying to really understand what it means.
Just STOP everything... the thinking, the worrying, the complaining, the wondering, the budgetting, the to-do listing and enjoy what is around you. Not just roses... but sunsets (or sunrises... when i take my future husband to work.. often times we can see them.)

this was once after i dropped him off. (:

It could be looking at a rainbow. When my Fiance and i first started dating... we both sent eachother a picture of a rainbow at the exact same time from our own houses. (:

this was from him. (:

this was from me. (:

There are soooo many things that we could just take a moment... and enjoy it. Let the beauty speak to us... and it can calm our fears, take anxiety, remind us of what is important, and just simply put a smile on our face. (:

It could be snow....i personally do not like the snow... but some people like to look at it.

i woke up to this one morning, when i was visiting a friend.

Whatever it is that takes your breath away... just enjoy it. Search it out. Thank God for His beauty. Allow yourself to stop and be captivated by all that is around you. (:

-Beautiful things and love. -M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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