Wednesday, August 10, 2011

today i am missing you...

i have been thinking about my Gram a lot lately... especially with my wedding coming up so quick.

My Gram was a truly amazing woman. She was sooo cute too!

I remember going over to her house and eating cheese and apples and watching TV with her. It was like our favorite little snack together. (:

i found this the other day. (:

This is my gram and papa on her birthday... when i was probably around 10 or 11. When i found this i started to tear up because i miss her sooo much!

 She truly was the best grandma! She raised my older sister... and always took care of all her grandchildren. 
She was THE BEST cook ever! I wish that i learned more cooking from her (thankfully my sister knows a lot... and she can give me her recipes). 
When i was younger i remember my Papa going into the kitchen and saying "hey mama... whats for dinner?" and then he would open whatever pot of pan she was cooking in. hehe. It used to make her soooooo angry! She would always grumble under her breath. hehe. 

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays were ALWAYS celebrated at my Gram's house. All of us would come together, cook until way to late the night before, eat and hang out the day of, and argue over who would be doing the dishes. And when we would leave... my Grammie would wave to us until we reached the corner of the street and turned. 

These precious memories and her life will forever be in my heart. (:

this is my Gram on her bday before she passed. 

I will be wearing her anniversary ring for my "something old". 

I love you Gram sooo much! I know you will be looking down on me while i walk down the aisle. 

fond memories and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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