Wednesday, September 7, 2011

His Mrs. (:

Well, it finally came! I am happily his beloved wife!!! (:

The rehearsal went sooo well! Everyone was there to help and set up all the tables and linens. (: We practiced how the ceremony would generally go.. and i didnt get emotional. (:

The wedding day was absolutely perfect!
We got up super early and had breakfast at the hotel and immediately started getting ready. I got my hair done first and i LOVED the end result! The inbetween was a little funny. hehe. (she curled all of my hair and pinned it all over my hair).

I got my makeup done at the MAC counter and it was soo fun! i had never done that before and i loved it! i got fake lashes and everything! (:

After my sis-in-law and i were done getting beautified at MAC we decided to go to In n Out and get some delicious food before the ceremony. I had NEVER seen In n Out that busy before! There was a drive thru line out to the street and like 300 people inside!!! We were waiting for ever! My hair was all done and my make up was applied and i was in pjs! lol. We had to be at the ceremony site at 1pm to get take pics and put our dresses on and it was like noon! We FINALLY got our food (after i silently commanded that I was the bride!) and left to the ceremony site.
yummy in-n-out!

We ate our food and put our dresses on. We took TONS of pics in the heat outside! Then we were rushed into the room so that i couldn't see my groom before walking down the aisle. While waiting, me and my girls were spying on our guests while they walked in with excitement!
the flower girl and i looking outside.
An hour or so later it was time to line up.

My girls walked down... then the ring bearer and flower girl and i was FINALLY allowed to get out of the little room. My two brothers met me in the hallway and i joked that i needed to pee. We started laughing and giggling until... i could see my groom waiting for me. I walked down the aisle with tears swelling in my eyes trying my hardest to not look at the guests surrounding me. I just locked eyes with my groom and walked towards him. My brothers lovingly gave me away and i was then joined with my groom. (: We had a BEAUTIFUL ceremony with wonderful words, gorgeous music, and beautiful communion. i loved every minute of it!

We were announced Mr. and Mrs. and we walked outside. (: We took AMAZING pictures with our bridal party and then took absolutely STUNNING pictures of just him and i. i cannot wait to get them all.
this is us walking back in the reception being announced husband and wife.

We had a very fun reception with dinner and dancing and all of our guests enjoyed themselves. (:

NOW... we have been married almost 3 weeks and it has been soo fun! I am enjoying getting to know my new husband even more. We are excited for what God has planned for our new life together.

New beginnings and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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Jessica said...

Congrats on the marriage! Don't you feel so much closer to your spouse now that you've become one? It feels amazing, doesn't it? :)