Tuesday, September 13, 2011

weddings. weddings. weddings.

My friend, beautiful Shawna, got married on 9.10.11!

It was outside at her local church, with the reception inside. I thought i would be all weddinged out with my wedding just 3 weeks ago.... but i had a lot of fun!

I came on Friday night and finished up baking the cupcakes. She did almost everyone DIY! I couldnt have done that but i am proud she did!
baking the cupcakes
She even made her daughter's flower girl dress!!!
her daughter was my flower girl too (:
It was a very short and sweet ceremony... with a quote that was used at my wedding that i LOVED about Eve coming from Adam's side.
"Woman was created from the rib of man.
She was not made from his head to top him,
nor out of his feet to be trampled upon,
but out of his side, to be equal to him;
under his arm, to be protected;
and near his heart, to be loved."


Her colors were soo fun too! Pink, yellow, blue, and purple. (: From flowers (which i put together before the ceremony) to details on the tables the colors were everywhere. (: 
Her girls all wore different color dresses - which i thought was really nice. 
the bride and her bridesmaids (:

 The bride piped the cupcakes just moments before the ceremony was starting...and they turned out perfect!!!
my little pink cupcake. (:
 Her maid of honor made the top two tier cake too! It turned out really cute!

Her whole family was involved too. Her maid of honor (who was in blue) walked in with her daughter (the flower girl also in blue). Her sister (bridesmaid.. who was in yellow) then walked with her son (who had a little yellow tie). And then her youngest sister (bridesmaid in pink) walked with her youngest son (who had a tiny little pink tie) So precious!
Shawna's two sons
 Overall Shawna was a beautiful bride and i am sooo happy i got to be apart of her big day! 
Congratulations Shawna!

 happy beginnings, life, and love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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