Monday, October 24, 2011

oohhh stains. :(

Officially i HATE  highly dislike stains!

The other day my husband and i were hanging out in the living room, watching tv and enjoying deliciousness to drink.  i had a scrumptious 1 pump vanilla pumpkin spice latte while he drank a triple shot extra caramel iced caramel machiatto (ya.. we are one of THOSE people at Starbucks. lol).

Now... here is something you need to know before i go on with this rant  story. My couch is a 3-sitter, and one end table is on my husband's "side" and the other round coffee table is in the middle. The counter is on "my side" and sometimes can feel as wide and tall as a red wood tree! The couch is pretty short... and i am short... and reaching to the counter is like trying to put my coffee on the moon!

Well.. the other day when we were hanging out.. i decided to put my little cup of loveliness on the ground beside me (i know.. i know.. you are thinking "oh no!" right about now). Okay, so I knew where i had carefully placed my cup of Starbucks... but i did not mention this vital information to my husband.... so he got up to do something... and i am still not EXACTLY sure what happened... but the next thing i notice, my coffee is soaked into the rug. oh dang!
My husband and i kinda just looked down and laughed as he said "well, there goes the deposit." hehe. When asked why i didn't put it on the counter OR the coffee table i responded with a "it was to far", which i felt was a justifiable excuse. Not sure if my hubby agreed. hehe.

Not to worry though! Ba da da DAA.. Pinterest to the rescue! Luckily for us (and our apartment deposit) i remembered pinning a stain remover to my board.

So i started mixing up a concoction of dawn soap and hydrogen peroxide (after running to the store for it... cuz really.. what newlywed HAS hydrogen peroxide in their house). I poured the soapy goodness on the stain and waited... and waited... aanndd waited ... AND waited! After awhile (and about 5 barefoot accidental steps later) i noticed that maybe it wasn't working as well as i thought it would... and it was awfully soapy. I looked back to my pinboard and noticed it was 1 part dawn to TWO parts hydrogen peroxide.. i did one to one. I whipped up another batch and tried again. Its lighter... but still there. I let it dry today while i am at work.. and i am going to try again tonight. I hope it works! lol

powerful stain removers, pinterest, and love. - M


Erin Elizabeth said...

That sounds exactly like something I would do. Thankfully I have yet to spill....
I just might have to find your pinterest board (my newest obsession) and steal that stain remover!

Monica820 said...

do it, erin! hehe. (also its my newest obsession too!)
Well.. the stain is actually still there. :( I am thinking because i did it wrong to begin with.. i am going to try it again and see.
i'm hoping!