Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rain, rain dont go away...

... the sun can come back another day.

It is Autumn! (: i love it!!! I love the crisp air, scarves, boots, and warm sweaters. Yesterday and the day before it rained and i was overjoyed because my husband was off of work. (:

TODAY....... we woke up to sun. i wanted to cry... or throw a fit! I am off work today... and i was looking forward to a thunderstorm and cuddling up to my husband. BUT he is working... so i am at the house watching Say Yes To The Dress. hehe. oh well... the season is almost over.

I was talking to my husband yesterday about how when he is home (since he is usually only home for the weekends) i feel like it should be like the honeymoon.. where we just hang out and don't do anything. haha. I am excited for this new season where we REALLY get to  learn to do life together. Right now when he is home.. i dont want to do anything, not eve work. haha. But... that isnt real life!

Real life is getting up and going to work and coming home and having dinner together... sleeping.. and getting up and doing the same thing. Real life is paying bills. Running errands. Cleaning the house. Reading our bibles. Going to church. Hanging with friends. Being with family. (: THAT is real life! hehe. Its gonna be fun to do this all with him.

Marriage is learning to go from MY life to OUR life. (:

On a side note: God is opening my  heart to people. My heart is yearning to help people. i am not sure what it will look like but i am sooo glad that God has given me this compassion again.

More rain, compassion, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥


Andi said...

Nooooooo rain. Rain and I are not friends. I never have time to just chill out so that means I have to get out in the rain.

Monica820 said...

haha. ya i HATE going out in the rain. when i get to sit inside with a blanket, coffee, and a movie.. that is when it is my most favorite! this year i need to buy rain boots to keep in my car so that my shoes and pants dont get wet. haha