Monday, March 26, 2012

cleaving and memories.

"Therefor shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." 
Genesis 2:24 (KJV)

That verse has been on my mind a lot lately. With hubby and I leaving in about 5 days it is making the phrase "leave and cleave" a lot more real. We are about to leave our families and everything that we are familiar with and to completely cling to one another and our Lord. 
We are about to truly learn what the Lord meant when he spoke this over Adam and Eve for the future husbands and wives. 

We are excited for this new season in our lives and we are expectantly waiting on God. 

Packing is pretty much done. It took about 2 days straight of constant packing. I procrastinated a little and found some pictures that are dear to me. 
This is my Papa so lovingly placing his hand on my Gram while she blew out some birthday candles (as i joined her). I adore how the love between my Gram and Papa is so incredibly evident. 
I would see them bicker from time to time (especially when my Papa would open up the pot that my Gram was cooking in. hehe) but their love was always true. They are an inspiration to me. They would be married over 60 years if they were still alive today. I wore my Gram's 40th anniversary ring as my 'something old' at my wedding. 

These are my twin little brothers outside my Gram's house. I am not sure how old they were here... probably about 4 maybe. They are sooo stinking cute! They are 21 years old now. I love them sooo soo much and miss them lots! They can be little terrors but my sisterly love for them never alters. 

This is from the same day as the last one with my Gram and Papa. This is my Gram, myself, and my baby brother (all 49-ered out hehe. My Papa was a fan too.. I know he would get along with my hubby) at my Gram's house. We ALWAYS had every birthday party here! Our whole family would cram into the house that my Papa built in the 70s and have dinner, cake, and argue over who would do the dishes. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving memory of my childhood was held at my Gram's house. A million special memories that bring small swells of tears to my eyes even as I type this. 
I love and miss you Gram and Papa! 

fond memories, new memories, and love. - Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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