Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama

Well the decision is made!!! (Not that many of you even we were trying to make a decision. He he)

My love and I have been talking about moving and places we would like to go since we have been married. 7 months later... we are about to move!

We have some friends that moved to Alabama about a year ago (the husband is originally from there.) and they really like it. We started talking to them about the area and how we were interested in a possible change after summer as long as Martin and I could find work. Well the husband called Martin very early the other morning saying if we were willing to move sooner then later Martin could have a good paying job NOW!

So... we prayed about it and had peace..... so we will be there in two short weeks! We are packing, planning out the drive, and finding a place very quickly!

It will take us about five days to get to Alabama from Northern California. We are stopping along the way and will see things we have never seen before (hubby has never been out of Cali and I have only been to Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA).

We are ready for this new adventure!

Lord, be our guide and may we glorify You in this move and in our trip. We trust that this is Your will for our lives in this season and we praise You. My husband is my best friend and when stress levels are high I pray that I can be reminded that we are a team. When disagreements happen remind us that we are fighting against the issue and not against each other. Thank you for Your love, Lord, and for the love my husband has for me. Bless this move, God. In Jesus Name Amen!

New season, Alabama bound, and love. - Monica

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Andi said...

Your prayer made me tear up. God's hand is all over this, so He will provide a roof over your heads and a job for you.

PS Have I mentioned I'm so excitedddd??

Monica820 said...

awh..i completely agree!!! (: (: (:

And i am sooo excited as well!!!