Tuesday, November 15, 2011

giving my insecurity to get freedom

I am learning a lot about myself. Some good things and some bad things i'd like to change.

Communication is key in every relationship.... so much more within a marriage. I am not ALWAYS the best at it. It is something that i would like to work on.

At times my husband is trying to be playful and funny and I can play for a little bit.. and then i get offended. i KNOW this is something that i need to work on. I guess it is just insecurity all built up inside me and not knowing how to release it and talk it out. Instead i just get mad and frustrated. Often times i will even start an argument over something that is soooo petty.
But because i have all this past hurt and insecurity in me...one little remark or joke sends me to a hissy fit, yelling, and eventually crying.

I know this is something i need to work on for my marriage and my family. Figure out why i am feeling the way that i feel and then releasing it to God. Give my insecurity, my hurt, my fears,my shame, my anxiety, and my doubt all to the Lord. I know that when i do this i will have even more freedom in my life and my relationships. I am released to be the girl that God created me to be! :) A girl who is free to be, free to live, free to give.

complete freedom and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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