Monday, November 28, 2011

his hobbies are now mine too.

Hobbies. Interests. Likes.
These have been on my mind lately. As a new wife... i am 1) getting a whole new list of hobbies and interests (mainly cooking meals and "nesting") and 2) learning to enjoy some new hobbies.

It is soo wonderful because my husband really enjoys spending time with me. Its great because my love language is quality time and touch. My all-time favorite thing to do with my loved ones would be to enjoy a cup of coffee and just talk... about anything really. Some of my friends and i can spend HOURS just catching up on our lives, laughing, relating, processing, and enjoying each other. It really is the thing that can delight my heart the most.

Now... i am realizing that guys (well at least the one i married) doesn't REALLY like to chit chat over a  latte. he he. But he has a different idea of what "quality time" looks like.
I have mentioned before that my husband has recently bought the Madden 2012 game for his Xbox. Well.. he LOVES for me to sit and watch him play. Not just sit by him.. but actually WATCH him and CHEER him on. Granted, at times i do grab our laptop check out Pinterest from time to time... even catch up on reading my blogs..... but what i have noticed in my last 2 days off... is that it truly gives my husband great joy that i am getting interested in one of his hobbies. I am investing my time into an activity that my husband enjoys and that makes him feel loved... which makes me feel great!

Its important in relationships to take part in the other person's hobbies, activities, and things they enjoy. Its fun and can continue to have the two of you grow closer together!

So grab your spouse, your mom, your roommate, your friends, or sibling and do something THEY enjoy. You may not particularly LIKE it... but love is selfless... and this is one way of showing it! (:

new activities, video games with hubby, and love. -M

♥ . ♥ . ♥


Erin Elizabeth said...

I loved this post! My FI is a xbox junkie and nothing gives him greater joy than to sit me down and "show" me his games. Great reminder that even things like this show love to your partner.

Monica820 said...

exactly!!! hehe. :)