Wednesday, November 30, 2011

visiting my 4 yr old brother-in-law

Yesterday we had NO clean laundry. And the clothes that were clean were fraternising with the dirty laundry and so therefor were dirty themselves.

Not only did we not have clean laundry... we also had no quarters to wash them in our $2 to wash $2 to dry laundry facility at our apartment.
So my wonderful husband went to his mom's house to wash them while i was working.

I guess we had more then i thought because when i got off work.. he still wasn't done. hehe. It was nice to visit though. :)
I hung out with my adorable brother-in-law (who is 4 yrs old). He LOVES looking at the photos on my phone. He took my phone and looked at my background photo.. which is this:
and he says "oh! this was at your wedding. you and marmin (what he calls my husband) got married. i didn't get married though.. but i was there. and you and him are laughing."
It was sooo precious! He then told me about every single picture in my phone telling me who was in it and what they were doing. He especially like the pic of my nephew on Halloween. hehe. 
at this one:
was a monster!!! haha. that is the cutest monster i have ever seen!!!

He was making me laugh sooo hard! And then on THIS picture of my handsome husband that he took at work:
he asked if "marmin" was gonna get hit by that car, i said no. then he asked if i was in the car, i said no. then he said "marmin left you at home?" hahaha. it was soo cute! 

Here we are looking at pics.. my husband took this and then sent it to me. He says "huh. oh! you are getting a message." Such a smart little 4 yr old! Then he opened it and said.. "hey.. thats you and me!" 

After that it was time for my brother-in-law to play "army men". So my hubby set up the men like this:
Yup... he is gonna be great with kids! hehe. 

We finished up our laundry and headed back to our house. hehe. it was a wonderful little visit!

army men, fresh-smelling laundry, pics in cell phones, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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