Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!! Time for some honesty -

Confession Tuesday

- The past two days I have been kinda watching 16 & Pregnant on Hulu a lot. I have no idea why I like this show but it is like my guilty pleasure. I so do not agree that 16 yr olds should be having babies at all but I cannot help but keep pressing 'play' when the previous episode ends.

- Yesterday I was making up scenarios in my head of what my future could be like. Honestly, it just gave me anxiety.

- I check my Facebook on my phone when I am mean to just look to check the time.  I get off Facebook and start doing something else and then realize that I still have no idea what time it is.

- I LOVE crock pot meals... because it tastes (and looks) like I slaved in the kitchen for hours... when really the crock pot did most of the work. I made a DELICIOUS crock pot lasagna that I plan on making again this week. (I will post about it [with pictures] later in the week.)

What is your guilty pleasure? Anything silly that you always do?

healthy confessions and love, Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥


True Agape said...

Love the healthy confessions post! I watch hulu too as a guilty pleasure occasionally :) Extreme Makeover: weight loss addition and Secret Millionaires. Talk about some inspiration!

Mrs_V820 said...

Awh.. thank you so much! And thanks for checking out my blog! Your Hulu guilty pleasures sound a lot better then mine! haha. (: