Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters

Wow! I cannot believe Friday is already here but I am so so happy its here!

I had an "off" week to put it honestly. I have not been feeling well since Sunday morning and it is so hot here in Alabama that I have been getting heat advisory warnings! I am still seeing cockroaches (dead and alive) in my home even after pest control came twice last week. I have felt very homesick and had 800 questions going through my head as I sat at my house.

BUT today I have decided to choose joy! Today is a new day and I will not let the devil win!

Let's write some letters with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds.


Dear Alabama, 
Maybe you didn't get the last letter I wrote you so I decided I should probably write to you again.
You are very very hot. I received a notification on my phone that said to be warned of your temperatures. I am sure that you are not trying to be this cruel and I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Please work on this.... I am sure I am not the only one who isn't fond of this side of you.
Sincerely, a hot wife

Dear Sickness in My Body, 
Unfortunately you have overstayed your welcome. I would appreciate if you took your things and left.
Signed, Divine Health

Dear Hulu, 
Thank you so much for spending time with me while I haven't been feeling well this week! It has been amazing catching up with you! (: I think hubby and I will keep you! (:
With love, Your New Friend

Dear Love, 
 I adore being your wife. I am so proud of you and all that you do! I love having you home at night and on the weekends. I am soo glad that you finally have two days off in a row and possibly more time off next week. You have grown so much since I first met you and you always seem to keep my grounded when I am freaking out. Thank you for praying for me and comforting me when I need it. Most of all, thank you for pointing me in the direction of our Lord. You are such a good leader!
Love Forever, Your Rib

Dear God, 
First of all, I am sorry that I took my attention off of You this week. I got caught up in fear and frustrations and lost sight of You. But today.. today I am seeing You clearly. You are so good and have blessed me beyond measure.  You are so worthy to be praised. My thankfulness cannot even be put into words to tell You how I truly feel about You. I am just in awe of who You are. I want to encounter you more and more daily. Bless my readers, as well, and reveal Your steadfast love to them.
Always, Your princess.

Happy Friday Lovelies!

Letters and Love, Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥


Paulene said...

I live in the South too and the heat is ridiculous - I hope it gets better too. Hulu is the best especially when I need to get some work done on the computer. It's a great companion. Hope you feel better soon and have a great weekend!

Mrs_V820 said...

The south has a very particular heat that I am just not used to! haha.
Ya.. Hulu has been my friend. We can watch it in Hulu and that makes me so happy! (:
With no cable it is the only thing (besides Netflix) we can watch. (:

happy weekend!

Brittany said...

OMG I'm from south florida and I understand exactly how you feel about being too hot.Its torture! I loved your beautiful letter to God. Hope you feel better! xoxo

Nicajoice said...

Your letters are so lovely.. I am moved by the ones you wrote for God and for your love. :) Be blessed always.. It's nice to know that you include us, your readers, in your prayers.

By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog and for following.:)


Jessie said...

I think it's unbearably hot everywhere! I live in Chicago and yesterday it was 105! YIKES. Sorry you weren't feeling well, I think it's the worst being sick in the summer because you're already miserable with being sick and the heat never seems to help. Here's to a new week. Just became a follower :)


Nicholl Vincent said...

I loved reading this!


have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Where in Alabama do you live? I went to the Kentucky-Alabama game down in Tuscaloosa a few years ago and it was AMAZING!

Katie Cook said...

You are too cute:) Excited to have found your blog, and I am your newest follower:) Love Katie

Mrs_V820 said...

I am feeling way better now! Thank you so much! (:

Mrs_V820 said...

Katie - thank you so much for following!!! (: