Thursday, June 14, 2012

creatures of emotion

I am back in the great state of Alabama! I am very happy to be back too. I had a wonderful time visiting with my family and seeing my niece graduate but I did miss home.

I had every intention of writing all about my Cali adventure and posting tons and tons of pictures of my trip and my family -- but after 3 different conversations about emotions in the past week (2 from today) I decided to change courses. (But I will let you all know about my trip... eh.. well here is a teaser. [;  )

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I think I have always been a very emotional person. I cry pretty much with every emotion. Sadness. Anger. Frustration. Even joy. I guess I just need to let it out in some way. I feel if I don't let it out that I will just burst!

I know that not everyone is like me and they do not like to cry or even FEEL emotion. This truly saddens my heart.
I think that it is very import to feel whatever it is that you are feeling. Not act out on that feeling (Ephesians 4:26 tells us to be angry and sin not) but feel it.
It actually hurts us when we bottle up our emotion. There are tons of research linking bottled emotions to health problems. Not crying it out is literally making people feel sick!

I have always kept a journal since I can really remember. I write what I am feeling in that moment -- happy, sad, confused, angry, content, excited, anything. I do not sugar coat or belittle anything that I am feeling. I choose to just feel. Sometimes it hurts. At times it felt like I could never see past the pain... but I did. I got through it. I felt what I needed to feel and got through the end of it. Now I have countless victories in writing.

Do not ignore your feelings. Don't diminish them or belittle them. Its okay to be sad or grieve. Its okay to be mad. Or upset. Or even confused. Let it out. Journal. Cry. Scream into your pillow. Paint. Pray. Run.
If you need to talk to someone -- find a person who will let you feel everything you need to.
And if you know someone who needs to talk.. let them express themselves. Don't tell them to be less emotional and quiet their feelings.
[Remember that when you are being self destructive or hurting others with your words and actions -- that is not "letting the emotion out". That is letting the emotional control you. Do not do anything in the emotion that you would later regret out of the emotion.]

So if you are happy - smile. If you are sad - shed a tear. If you are mad - yell at the air. We are not robots -- we are people. (:

Lord, bless everyone who is reading this blog right now. Father help them to feel again. You have given us all emotions and it is okay to feel... even the not-so-fluffy feelings. Help us to encourage others to do the same and not to write people off as "babies" or "wussies" because they are able to feel those God-given emotions. Lord, even in Your Word it says that you too felt anger, sadness, and joy. Thank you Lord that you love us unconditionally and that You are a beautiful example of an emotion being.  In Jesus Name, - Amen.

feeling everything and love. - Monica
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Jess said...

You are such an amazing writer :) reading these everyday really makes me stop and think. You should become a writer! Love you Monica :-)

Mrs_V820 said...

Jess, you are too sweet for words! Thank you so much!
I am a writer on this little blog and that fills my heart with joy. (:

Love you!