Friday, May 20, 2011

3 more months!

Me and my wonderful Fiance had our first pre-marital mentoring last week. (:

It was amazing! I instantly fell in love with our couple! They have been together for 21 years, married for 18! They told us that they are not counselors and do not have a degree in psychology - all they can offer us is their experience. (:
We talked and went over our assessment for over 3 hours!!!! We got to learn more about our strengths and weaknesses as a couple and they got to share their hearts with us. It was simply phenomenal how alike we were all. How they handled certain situations completely resonated with my Fiance and I. We couldn't help but laugh when they would talk about little arguments they had in the past because it was SAME way we handled those same fights.

I really think that this pre-marital mentoring is going to be amazing for my Fiance and i! It has already had us start talking about things that haven't been brought up before. It also has helped us notice certain things we don't like in our relationship that we need to fix. I am excited for this process! We already have homework and everything! hehe.

MY DRESS IS IN!!!  I ordered my dress back in January and it is waiting for me at the bridal shop. My future mother-in-law wasn't there when i bought it so i told her i wanted her there when i pick it up. So now i am trying my hardest to find a time and date where we are both available. Its harder then i thought. My dress got here 3 days ago... and i cant wait to see it! (:

My Fiance is home which means finalizing all the vendors that i have already met with. So i have been emailing everyone so that he and i can see everyone. (: I think that we may meet with the cake lady on monday or tuesday. i am excited! its soo fun to have him home and completely in the process.

Today marks 3 months until the Big Day! ah!!!!  (that was a scream of delight) It seems like sooo soon and yet sooo long at the same time. There is still a lot to do (and alot to pay for!!!) but i know we can do it. I feel silly constantly counting down (and that in itself may make the time go by slower) but i just cant help it! i am elated that i am marrying him! (:

That is, of course, if the world doesn't end tomorrow. lol. So silly. Well, if Jesus does come back tomorrow i will embrace Him with open arms..... and then have a little talk with him as to why He decided to come back before i had my wedding. lol. (;

Silly predictions, wonderful countdowns and love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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