Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Birthday Reflections

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday!

Wow!!! Time goes by way to fast! I am in my mid-twenties...HOW did this happen?

I feel like it was just yesterday when i was cheering for my high school, mentoring jr. high students, dreaming of a someday wedding and working a fun job to have spending money. NOW my adult activities consist of paying for that aforementioned wedding, taking advice from others on how to be a great wife and working a not so fun job  to stay afloat. Oh the joy! Life WAS easier when we were 5 and boys had cooties and our clothes didn't match. (;

Its scary how fast it feels that i am growing up. Like When i was younger (like in high school) 24 sounded sooo.... old. lol. Now that i will be 24 in 5 hours ...... it sounds kind of young. Before i thought by the time i was 24 i would be married and have like 2 babies! lol. Boy am i glad to let the 17-yr old me down!

Now that i am here....... and turning the BIG 2-4.... i cannot imagine my life going any differently. Sure, there were some good times and not so good times. There were frustrations, fear, anxiety, tears, anger, confusion..... but there was also laughter, relief, confidence, love, tears (i'm a crier), excitement, and joy.

Looking back at all the years of my life (all 24 of them!) i am glad where i have ended up. I am content with the choices i have made. And i am incandescently happy with my life. (:

Birthday wishes and love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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