Tuesday, May 31, 2011

our happy puzzle

Yesterday we got to meet with our lovely wedding planner to go over the timeline of ceremony and reception.
We saw a diagram of what the ceremony will look like as well as the reception. We have decided to have the ceremony outside and the reception inside. (:

We went over some specific details... like who will be walking who down the aisle and where our immediate family will be sitting for both ceremony and reception. We generally did the order of ceremony and order of reception.
It was actually fun. Getting closer to THE DAY (81 days and counting) it is making it feel all the more real. Now i can begin to visualize what the tables will look like... how the aisle will be... who will be where. Its not just a building with colors schemes anymore. Our wedding planner is piecing it all together.

Planning your special day is very much like a puzzle. You see the box of what the pieces should LOOK like at the end but getting to that end result can be a little hard, fun, confusing, exciting, and frustrating (especially when you are having to PAY for every single, tiny puzzle piece. lol)... but at the end when you are looking at that finished product all you can do is smile.

I know for sure i wouldn't be able to do it on my own. I am soo blessed to have my wedding planner to guide us along the way. She is saving us time, energy, and money! She has helped us cut costs, reassured us about how beautiful it will be, and has given us tons and tons of ideas! She is giving everyone we are working with (and everyone in the wedding) the order schedule that we went over so everyone is on the same page with everything. She will write out a schedule for the wedding day too.. so that we can stay on time with everything. (: And everyone knows where to go and when. What a relief! She even factors in time for hair/makeup, breakfast, and stuff like that. (:

The next hurdle is just paying for everything that is left to be paid for. hehe. But we are trusting God in our finances and expenses. (: We may need to just cut down on our personal spending ( no iced chai from Starbucks for a while) and make sure that the wedding/apartment expenses/bills are being paid first.

There is ALOT that goes into planning the wedding (decisions, bills, working with people, minor details to huge details) but we are more and more excited with every passing day to the end result - me and my fantastic Fiance becoming one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

puzzle pieces and love, - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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