Monday, May 16, 2011

some would call this love

Well i have spent the past few days with my amazing Fiance. It has been a lot of fun.  (:

Wednesday afternoon (after his flight being delayed) the whole family greeted him at the airport with our glittery signs and smiles on our faces. I felt like other people could see my heart pounding as he walked toward us! A trillion emotions come flooding in as we hugged for the first time in MONTHS!
We went to dinner at "our spot" with the family (Reedd Robinnn YUM! yes, i did just sing the theme song) and had a relaxing evening.

The next morning my Fiance and i went to breakfast just to enjoy each other and hang out. Again the trillion emotions were at an all time high on the drive over to the restaurant. Its an amazing feeling how their can be soo much to say but so lost as to where to start.
I wanted to hear ALL about school, his life there, what he's been learning, his graduation, his friends, the church there. I wanted to tell him ALL about church here, what i've been learning, the wedding plans, my work. So many thoughts were going over and over in my mind but i couldn't articulate one.
Once we were at the restaurant my brain decided to start working again and we started talking about life. It was quite amazing to just sit across from him and talk and listen. I can't believe i took that for granted.

The remainder of the day he and i just continued talking, working through things, laughing, joking, and enjoying every moment together. The two days i had off of work were spent with him and his family. We talked about a lot of things - our lives together, the wedding, school options, mentoring, boundaries, our hearts,  getting connected in church, and how we plan to stay focused on God. I am in awe of the wonderful change that has taken place in my Fiance. He delights my heart. I am more in love with him today then i was yesterday..and i know that will continue to grow.

We have come to the realization that marriage takes work. Marriage isn't always going to be easy. We won't always FEEL the love. But we do always choose to love. Love is a choice. On those days where bills are more then our income, we aren't getting along, the kids are on our last nerve, and there isn't an ounce of romance left.... we still have to CHOOSE to love. I have always "known" this.... but since there is only 96 days until my nuptials i am learning this in a new way.
My Fiance and i are going to get great tools from our pre-marital mentoring for our lives, and i am extremely excited for that! We will get involved in the church and continue to seek God's face. We will learn and grow together. We will encourage one another and be in constant prayer for each other.

Yes, it won't be a piece of cake every day of our lives. Sure there will be days where i will probably want to choke him (and i am sure he will feel the same). But at the end of the day  i have chosen this man! And i will choose him every day for the rest of my life. (:

breakfast dates, conversation and rekindling love - M

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