Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a glitter sign is a great way to welcome him home!

Today is the day i pick up my Fiance from the airport! I am sooo excited that i don't even know what to do with myself!
Its so crazy to think that i have not seen him since Christmas - that is like 4 months!!!! wow! (:

 Sunday was my birthday and we had a wonderful day. We went to church in the morning and hung out the rest of the day. My Fiance's cousin was in town and she was soo much fun to hang out with! She was HILARIOUS!!! We enjoyed Starbuck's Frappy Hour and got half-off frappucino's. (ALSO, my new love is the mocha coconut frappucino - delicious!). For dinner we had my favorite meal and then had cookie brownies, which were really scrumptious (although, yet again, i couldn't finish it since my stomach likes to handle only a spoonful of sugar at a time).
So yesterday i went shopping with the birthday money my future mother-in-law got me. I went to Target and bought a pair of shorts and 2 tank tops..and then went to Wet Seal and bought 5 tank tops for $20 (i LOVE sales!) and a super cute clip for my "something blue" for my wedding day.

After shopping i came home and ate dinner and then it was off to the store for some last minute items. My future sis-in-law and i decided it would be fun to make a big sign for my Fiance to welcome him home at the airport! We went to Target (which is probably my favorite store. In my opinion if Target and Walmart got in a boxing round Target would KO Walmart within seconds!) and bought some super fun glitter-glue pens, crayola markers (that were made with recycled plastic), and some poster board (we bought one big one that we decorated and then bought two smaller ones so that his little brothers can decorate and hold their own).
Sis-in-law and i spent about 30 minutes working on the poster board and i am quite content with the results.

NOW..... i just need to wait another 6 hours to see him again. Time is going by so s l o w! I get off work and have about an hour to get ready and meet him at the airport!

I am overjoyed!

Airport reunions, glittery signs, and love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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