Friday, May 27, 2011

Errands. Errands. Errands.

This week has been the busiest yet to date. (Especially Wednesday.... we ran errands all day long!)

We had a meeting with our relatively shy cake baker to finalize the cake. (: It was funny because we were looking at pictures of the cakes that she has made in the past and my Fiance found a cake that he "kinda liked." It was pretty much the same style of cake that i had picked out on my own with her the last meeting we had. hehe. it made me smile that he and i both agreed (separately) on the same type of cake.
Here is our cake inspiration (we wont have flowers in between tiers:

I love the simple elegance of it. (: and then we will have some our flowers (fuchsia roses and daisies) on the cake too...with a cake topper. So far i kinda like this one:
So we will see what we end up with. 

We tried about 5 different flavors and chose our final 3. (: Which are: strawberry cake with Bavarian Cream filling, champagne cake with strawberry filling, and chocolate cake with caramel filling. delicious! My wonderful future husband picked all the wonderful flavors (after i narrowed it down. hehe).

Also we picked out his tux and the guys' tuxes.... which was fun. They will all look SOO handsome. 

We went to Target and registered for all the things we need to start a home. (: It was sooo much fun going around the store and dreaming about what we want and scanning it with the little gun. (: 

We have been budgeting and looking at cell phone plans, honeymoon ideas, priced mattresses, Cable/Internet packages. I forgot how much work it is being an adult. lol. All the ideas and decisions we have to make because we will be our own little family in just 85 days. 

We got to checked out the hotel room that we will be staying in the night of the wedding. It is soo nice! So we decided to stay one more night. hehe. (: 

We also started our pre-marital mentoring last week. (we had our second session yesterday morning). I ADORE our couple that we are working with...and i think it is really helping my Fiance and i to understand eachother more. And we are just talking about things that we don't normally talk about it. It is helping us get closer to one another and to God...which is our goal. I am loving this process and having fun doing it! Our couple we work with have been together for 21 years - married for 18. They have soo much insight to offer us and we are ready to receive it! (: We have lots of homework to do since it is a 12 week process and we are very very close to our wedding date... but its sooo beneficial for us both! 

The funnest errand (at least for me) was FINALLY picking up my gorgeous Maggie Sottero wedding dress! My future mother-in-law and future sister-in-law came with me so i can try it on one last time before taking it home. I love it!!! I am sooo sooo happy with it! I felt like a bride standing in front of the mirror. (: I cant wait to see my Fiance's face when i am walking down the aisle towards him! 
Here is a picture of the certificate of authenticity. (: 

and here is my dress in the closet awaiting 2 months 3 weeks and 5 days until i can wear it.

I have been tired from being soooooo busy with all the wedding stuff and working.... but its soooo worth it! (:

Busy weeks, fun errands, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥ 

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