Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st Yr Anniversary in Atlanta

Well my love surprised me for our anniversary to a trip to Atlanta, GA to go to a Christina Perri & Jason Mraz concert!
I was beyond  excited!!! I saw Jason Mraz in concert a few yrs ago in Portland and always tell Mr. V how bad I want to see him again in concert.

We got up Saturday morning and made our trip to Atlanta. A couple of hours later we arrived at The World of Coca-Cola.
We had such a great time! We tried different types of soda from ALL over the word! Some were good (Asia's were REALLY sweet -- like liquid candy) and some were.. bleh (Germany ...uh! It was like SPICY.. idk.. gross)!
We also watched a fun 4-D movie! Our chairs shook and we got blasted with wind and water! It was fun!
There were some really neat old coca-cola things too!
The 2012 Olympic torch was in Georgia that same weekend so we took a picture with it!
Martin said that we are so favored by the Lord. It was a really awesome opportunity!
When we left they gave us coca-cola in a glass bottle. We had so so much fun!!

After that we went over to Gorden Biersch Brewery for dinner. It was really good. My Mr had a little beer sampler to try a little of all the beer that they brew and I had a peach ice tea (I was determined to get something with peach in it hehe).
Mr V ate a chicken avocado sandwich with REAL garlic fries and I ate a BBQ Chicken sandwich with regular fries. MMMmmmmm! It was delicious!
My silly phone then died at the restaurant when I was trying to take a picture of my love.

While we were leaving the restaurant it started to rain. HARD. We were starting to get bummed because the concert was outside. The rain FINALLY stopped right when we parked -- but it was still all wet and I walked in a lot of muddy puddles.
Mr V got AMAZING seats and it was covered! It was such a great concert!
Christina Perri is absolutely adorable and has a phenomenal voice and Jason Mraz is such a great performer!
It was our first concert together and it was awesome.
I was sad that I didnt get any pictures or videos... but my love just said that our first concert was very very intimate -- just us two. hehe.

I drove home after the concert and we attempted to go to Starbucks... but ended up in scary downtown Atlanta.. so we left without the coffee. We saw TONS of people. A very strange "ice cream truck" playing rap music. Aaannnddd a Cinderella carriage being pulled by white horse. No joke. haha. Crazy!

We had such an fun adventure for our anniversary!

Last night we read the memories from our memory jar. (:

It was fun remembering the past year together. (:

one year. (:

this video is from the concert we were at.... but I did not record this... I just youtubed it. hehe.

We were a little further away then this. (:

hooray for one year of marriage and 100 more!

fun anniversary celebrations and love. - Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥


Jessie said...

Looks like it was a great anniversary!! Many more to come.

Liza said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful time!

I would love to go to a Jason Mraz concert with my hubby. I actually walked down the aisle to his acoustic version of "I'm Your's", because it's my hubby & I's song.

The Management said...

sounds like an amazing anniversary! congrats!

I would have liked to see a Cinderella carriage, haha. I'm in love with anything Disney-ish!

Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

Seems you guys had a pretty adventurous experience. Cool post. Thanks for sharing....

Peace!...with 2 fingers;)

AVY said...

Mm, Coca-Cola. Happy anniversary!



Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

A memory jar! such a cool idea! I might have to steal that one from ya! ha. oh and Jason Mraz is a favorite...I walked down the aisle to "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend" - he's a fav! cute pics!