Monday, August 27, 2012

And the award goes too....

... ME! hehe. Thanks to the lovely Whitney at Sippy Cups and Pearls.

Whitney nominated me for The Liebster Blog Award.
The award is for blogs that have 200 or less followers who deserve a little love. (: It is such an honor and I am so excited for it!

Here are the rules:
1. Post 11 things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that have been posted by the people who gave you the award
3. Create 11 questions you want you nominees to answer.
4. Pass this award on to a maximim of 11 blogs.
5. Let them know that you've given them the award.

Here are 11 things about me:

1. I ADORE journaling! I love it and it just helps me to process, reflect, and pray. (:
2. I love italian food. Pasta. Bread. Garlic. Mmmm!
3. I cannot feel settled to do anything if the kitchen is dirty. I HAVE to clean it.
4. I am a talker. I love to talk to friends and share life together.
5. When I was little I was in baton. lol. hehe.
6. I changed my e-mail to my married name before we got married. I just couldn't wait!
7. Growing up my church was like 20 people.
8. I do not like to drink milk.... if I do drink it I have to drink it super fast when it is ice cold.
9. If a food has a strange texture... I do not want to eat it. Prosciutto is an example.
10. When I was about 6 or 7 yrs old there was a biblical program on Easter on TV and every commercial break they gave people opportunities to give their life to the Lord -- I thought I had to do it every single commercial.
11. I do not really wear makeup in high school.

Here are the 11 questions Whitney asked me.
1. Go ahead and tell us an embarrassing story, we want to laugh!
 - In my home town it snows a lot and the streets ice over. One day I was walking on my lunch break in my cheer uniform and slipped and fell straight on my bum!!! Skirt flew up and everything.
2. What's your favorite place you have traveled thus far?
Hubby and I have traveled quite a bit in this move... and I really wish that we could have stayed at the places longer then a day..... but I think my favorite place so far has been..... maybe Flagstaff, AZ just because we had fun. (: We went to a great Mexican restaurant and our hotel was really nice! It was fun going from Southern California to all the rockiness and stuff. Fun.
3. Tell us real quick your favorite holiday and the traditions you enjoy with it. 
I think my favorite holiday would be Christmas. (: I have ALWAYS loved the stockings the most! Our family would all go to my Gram's house and eat and open presents. I loved it. I am excited to start some traditions with Martin too.  I want to open one present on Christmas Eve (we always did that in our family), have a hot chocolate bar, and then read the Christmas story from the Bible. (: I am hoping to start it this year!
4. What's your favorite movie?
Gosh... I feel like there are so many! hehe. I really really like Pride and Prejudice. AAANNNDD House Bunny... its not a wholesome movie or anything.. but it can always make me laugh. hehe.
5. 100 degrees in the beach, or 40 degrees in the mountains?
Okay.. I NEVER thought I would say this.... but I think I would rather be 40 degrees in the mountains!!! Growing up in the mountains and HATING snow I thought I would always want to live at the beach...... but being in Alabama humidity for the past 5 months has taught me that I would rather live in a place that is cooler. When I am overheated I just.get.annoyed! When I am cold.. I get snuggly. hehe.
6. How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging since July 2009... honestly I erased MOST of my earlier posts and started over after I was engaged on April 11, 2011 . That is when I started blog more and more.
This was my first published post in September 2009.
7. Whats your favorite season?
BY FAR it is fall!!! I love boots. scarves. crisp air. anything pumpkin. oranges and reds. cinnamon. Mmmm.. I love it all.
8. Here's $2,000. Where are you going shopping?
Is target a lame answer?? haha. I would want to shop for my home... cute decorative things and little furniture... and maybe Pier One. I would definitely spend it on my home though. Maybe a couple hundred to my love to buy clothes. 
9. Favorite childhood memory.
My favorite childhood memory would probably be dressing up with my Gram's friend. I dressed up in silly clothes and put make up ALL OVER  my face. hehe
10. What's your favorite song to dance to?
Justin Bieber! no shame. hehe
11. How did you come up with your blog name?
Captivated means to hold the attention or interest of something.... and I thought that I always wanted to keep my attention on the things that I love. My blog was originally "Constantly Captivated" but I changed it to "Captivated By Love" shortly after. I wanted to use my blog as a journal to write down the things that captivated my attention. (:

Here is who I am nominating!
- Liza at Preparing For Eternity
- Jennifer at One43
- Jessie at Coming from a place of YES & everything inbetween
- Andrea at [Iron] Bowled Over

Questions for you ladies.
1. What is your dream day? Anything.. money is not a problem.
2. When you were little... what did you want to grow up to be?
3. What is your favorite holiday and the traditions that go with it?
4. What is your least favorite chore?
5. What was the last thing you did for the first time?
6. Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?
7. Favorite memory?
8. How did you come up with your blog name?
9. Do you stay up late or wake up early?
10. What is your favorite restaurant... and the favorite meal there?
11. How was your first kiss with your hubby? 

awards and love. - Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥


Rachel said...

Wow, you really were eager to start using your new name, with the early email change! Angel made us a joint email account before we got married. :P And I love stocking traditions--i was always more excited about stocking presents than the presents under the tree.

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

yay for another milk hater! hahaha. I can only drink the remainder in my cereal bowl and thats IF I can get it all in 1 gulp. haha. and yes, start your traditions for Christmas this year! they'll grow as your family does! :) by the way...what is a hot chocolate bar?

jennifer. said...

awhh!!! thanks for the award!!! you're so sweet! :)

i'm going to answer my questions to you here :)

1. my dream day would be spent with my husband doing lots of different outdoor adventure stuff. :) and then spending the night under the stars with him :)
2. i wanted to be a teacher actually.. and then a nurse. and then at 14 i decided interior design. and that stuck with me.
3. favorite holiday.. hmm i would probably say thanksgiving. i love fall, the festivities, being with family and friends and all positive thoughts of thankfulness!
4. least favorite chore.. definitely cleaning the bathroom. gross. thankful that mr. b doesn't mind it :)
5. i don't remember the last thing i did for the first time? maybe be a matron of honor? but the wedding isn't until december. but i love it! :)
6. oh i would definitely go to austrailia!!!!
7. my proposal and wedding day. perfect thing ever.
8. oh - well.. that's a long story. but it's what mr. b and i say to each other :) but get ready for something big and new soon!!!!
9. i wake up early. i can't do both. i prefer early mornings
10. favorite restaurant it hard.. i love anything pasta! give me pasta - and i'm a happy camper!
11. our first kiss was super romantic. we were up at my cottage and laying on the dock underneath the stars talking. he then leaned over and told me he was nervous to kiss me.. but did it anyways. so precious :)

thanks again SOO much for nominating me! :) you rock, girl!

Annie said...

I love pasta too! Yum. You're making crave chicken alfredo and Olive Garden breadsticks right now. :]

I also can't eat foods that have strange textures. Or that look weird.