Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was taught that a "testimony is the spirit of prophesy". Meaning that when we speak out our testimony (whether it be how we came to Jesus or even how Jesus met our needs last week) we enable the Holy Spirit to move in a way that others can receive it for themselves.

We do not need to be ashamed of our testimonies. There are so many people in the world who need to hear your story! They need to hear that someone went through something similar and got through it with the Lord.

If you struggled with drugs but found freedom in Christ -- share it! Not to brag on what you have done in the past... but to brag on what the Lord has done THROUGH you!

If God provided the finances to pay your rent this month -- tell someone! There may be a person who needs to hear that God will provide their needs.

If your marriage was on the rocks but through counseling and prayer you have both been restored -- let someone know! Someone could hear that and grab on to the hope that their marriage will be renewed.

Shame and guilt died on the cross, my friends, don't allow the enemy to tell you differently.

The incredibly lovely Whitney from Sippy Cups and Pearls is embracing testimonies weekly with 'Testimony Thursday' so we can share and learn from each other.

I was completely honored when she asked me yesterday to be apart of it. I quickly wrote it out and it is on her blog today. (:

Go check it out and show her some love!

Happy Thursday! Who is so excited for Friday?!

testimonies and love. - Mrs. V
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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Newest follower from Whitney's blog! So incredibly honored to hear your story and to be a small apart of your blog world now! xoxo, Lauren

The Management said...

sharing true life experiences is always best.

and yes, I, for one, am super pumped for Friday to get here!

Annie said...

I just went over and read your testimony at Whitney's and I am speechless! Wow. Your story is powerful! I love how we can see both His sovereignty and His relatability in your story. Keep sharing, Monica!