Monday, December 12, 2011

The Lovely Little Perk-Up Challenge

So... my beautiful friend, Shawna and i were talking the other day about life, confidence, busyness, and ourselves.  We were saying that we often look at other girls  women around us and think how cute they look! Then we take a look back in the mirror and feel disappointed.

Now i know that there is soooo much more to us then our outward appearance.
Beauty is fleeting and charm is deceptive but a woman who fears the Lord deserves to be praised. Proverbs 31:30
But i think there is something to that inner confidence that shines outward. That feeling of beauty. Of course it is more then jewelry, hairstyles, and clothes. It is more then expensive make-up or high heels. 

It is that inner, quiet peace inside all of us as a women that speaks to our hearts and says "you are lovely." I do not use things (makeup, clothes, jewelry) to cover anything up (except maybe a blemish or dark circles hehe). I use it to enhance what God has already made beautiful. It is good to feel good about yourself. It is uplifting to yourself to feel cute. 
Whether you are a stay-at-home mom (like my friend), a new bride, a single woman, a full-time student, a career woman, or still discovering who you are - take some time for yourself to enjoy your loveliness. (: 

I ALWAYS feel cuter when I try just a little bit harder. Style my hair. Put on a cute outfit. Have a pretty accessory on. When you have found that inner confidence inside of you.... it is easy to manifest it on the outside. Don't make it all about the "stuff"... but find a good balance. It is okay to feel lovely. 

When i truly FEEL lovely... i just feel good! My heart is warm. I am happy. I feel confident. Feeling lovely and feeling "hot" are two different things to me. I think feeling lovely comes from both the inner and the outward. Where hot just seems.... shallow. Based upon JUST the looks. Loveliness comes from within and pours out. 

Now back to Shawna and I.  Currently Shawna is about 17 weeks pregnant with her 4th little bundle of joy and definitely needs a confidence booster! Her body is changing with every passing week as her little baby grows and she is running after her other little ones. I am a new bride.. working and learning to cook clean and basically how to be a wife. We are on different parts of life... but one thing still remains with us... the longing for that feeling of loveliness. Things feel good when WE feel good. 

So we have come up with this little challenge - The Lovely Little Perk-Up Challenge. (Shawna's is called the Pregnancy Perk-up Challenge). The challenge for ourselves is to find that little bit of loveliness in us every day.  I am not sure when it will end... or if it will become a lifestyle. But we are going to embrace the lovely bodies (even while they grow) that we have. We will find that true loveliness inside of us and have it pour out. 

We will document daily us trying to "perk-up" our days a little with a splash of our loveliness. Wear cute outfits. Do our hair. Cute accessories. Just adding a little extra everyday. After all it takes the same amount of time to put on jeans and a nice top as it does yoga pants and sweatshirt. And i know i feel way lovelier with jeans then i do with yoga pants. hehe.
Feel free to join the challenge too! It starts tomorrow!

little lovelies, confidence booster, and love. - M

♥ .  ♥ . ♥

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