Monday, December 19, 2011

relaxing with my curly hair.

Well it has been a week since the Lovely Little Perk-Up Challenge started. I know i didnt do a great job with the whole pictures thing. Its hard when i am working... hehe... since i am just in my uniform. i promise to get better.

Yesterday was church and my handsome hubby and i decided to dress up a little. He wore slacks, a nice shirt, and a sweater... and i wore a dress with some leggings (since it is FREEZING! ).

Church was really great and i feel like everytime we go..i love it more! :) With Christmas only a week away they talked about the spirit and meaning of Christmas. I loved it!

We can tend to forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas when we are running around, shopping, preparing to cook, trying to get together with family, and working to get all the extra holiday cash. There are parties, cards, gifts, long lines, wrapping, busy stores and everything else that can get in the way of us remembering the meaning of Christmas in the first place - Our Savior's birth. So the pastor had us remember to take joy in the birth of Christ and all that it means. Our salvation. Our entire faith is based upon the birth of Jesus. (: So.. remember that when you are running around with the holiday fever! Remember to take a moment and give praise to God for sending His son.

After church we rushed home and i got RIGHT into comfy, warm clothes! It was been sooo cold lately. Sunny... but cold. So i looked like this:

It was kinda funny with my fancy curly hair... in my fuzzy hello kitty pj pants and a loose sweatshirt. 

curly hair, wearing dresses for an hour, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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