Saturday, December 10, 2011

my Hello Kitty obsession.

Every since i was a little girl i have always LOVED Hello Kitty!

i remember my mom buying me cute little Sanrio stuff - pencils, erasers, coin purses, coloring books.
I am not ashamed of who i am. i am a girl. i love anything pink... doing my hair for no reason... music... makeup... dancing around my house... glitter... and Hello Kitty. But i think i am more like a little girl then i am a high-heeled wearing girl. hehe.

In high school i always had Hello Kitty purses.. that i would later pass down to my niece (who is 7 years younger then me). I had coin purses and maybe some pencils. I always kind of kept my obsession quiet. No one really knew how much i loved it.

BUT - then i found Kandee Johnson (a makeup artist, blogger, youtuber, and mother of 4) and she inspired me to be who i am! Long story short... i went public with my Hello Kitty love. I at first got my Hello Kitty ATM card (which reminds me to call the bank to get my new one with my married name). Then I bought a HUGE Hello Kitty purse that i ADORE (i always have it with me... and i get more compliments on it the anything else). I hope to someday share this love affair with my little daughters.
The Hello Kitty love has spread and pretty much everywhere you turn there is SOMETHING Hello Kitty out there!
Clothes. Pens. Pencils. Ornaments. Women are painting their nails in Hello Kitty. necklaces. rings. Cd players. Toasters. Sewing machines.
Of course cell phone covers. Picture frames. Alarm clocks. Laptops. Really to many things to name.

So yes... some of those things i found (i just did a google search and found TONS) are a little extreme and i wouldn't be able to get away with ALL of it. I am lucky that my hubby embraces my love for all things Hello Kitty. Last year for Christmas he bought me some pink Hello Kitty slippers.
I was at work ALLLL day and night yesterday and he bought me some early Christmas gifts. He bought me Hello Kitty socks, Hello Kitty fuzzy pj pants, and some mittens and a beanie (those are just pink and cute!)

Hello Kitty, obsessions, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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