Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wedding invite ornament

Happy Saturday!

So... i have been working the past few days. I have been participating in the Lovely Perk-up.. but i have to wear my uniform... not the cutest thing. hehe. (:

A few weeks ago i made a super cute ornament that i found on pinterest. It is made with my wedding invitation... but it can be made with ANYTHING! baby announcement. birthday cards. love letters. :)

So.. the first step was to buy a simple clear bulb. This one i got was plastic and i got it at Michael's for like $1.75. 
Then i took my wedding invitation and cut it in little strips. I made different sizes... and i cut it so that every detail was in a strip. 

After it is all cut into little strips... take one strip and wrap it around a pencil for a few seconds. 

When you're done it will be all twisty and curly... put it in the clear Christmas bulb. Keep doing that with all the strips. 

They will all wrap around each other, just keep stuffing them. (: It is sooo stinking cute, fast, and easy!
I wrote our names on the bottom with the year with a sharpie. I made one for my mother-in-law, one for my sister, and one for us. (: I am sooo pleased with this little project. 

cuteness, simple crafts that make you feel crafty, and love. - M

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