Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my battle wound

Well... Christmas has come and left. It kinda makes me sad actually. We wait and wait for this huge day... and then its over. I think my heart will always be a tad bit sad every December 26th. lol.

Hubby and i got some nice little gifts. I snuck out of bed on Christmas Eve and put up our stockings. He had no idea i even got him anything! :) It was just some candies, a to-go mug, and a 49er cup... but it was still fun. He had bought me a few outfits a few days before.. but i opened it before. hehe.
My mother-in-law got us both Snuggies... which i am sooo excited about! And a nice heating pad. My sister-in-law made us the warmest blanket ever!
My father-in-law's mom (so.. my grandma-in-law) got us pot holders (which i needed!) and some yummy banana bread kit.. which i made this morning!

Overall it was a fun little Christmas time. :) 

So.. i am injured. Last night i was grating cheese.. and it attacked me! We dont have bandaids (uh... does any newlywed? that is like that LAST thing people buy!) so my wonderful husband had to doctor me up with a paper towel and some tape. 
Today at work.. i got a bandaid though. hehe. 
I will have a very interesting scar. hehe. 

battle wounds of love - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥


Stephanie said...

Oh ouch, Monica! I hope your thumb heals up quickly... I used to do that all the time, and also I would nick the tip of my thumb when I cut green peppers, so DH had to take over both of those things for me. :P

Andi said...

I saw the picutre on Facebook and wondered what happened. Cheese grates are MEAN! It happens to me every. single. time.

Monica820 said...

haha ya... i am soo not a fan of cheese graters anymore. lol.