Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas parties

Well we had a busy little weekend at our house.

Yesterday i worked the morning shift and yesterday evening it was my husband's company Christmas dinner. I was a little nervous about it because i really didn't have anything to wear. Well.. my hubby is wonderful and went out while i was working and bought me a cute little outfit. i was VERY impressed with him.

He also surprised me with Christmas cheer.

 A peppermint mocha in a pretty red cup and the Michael Buble Christmas album is pretty much Christmas spirit all wrapped up! 

I got off at 3pm and went home to get all ready for the dinner. I discovered my new way to do my hair too! I learned how to curl my hair with my hair straightener! I found a video on youtube and i LOVED it!!! My hair is getting longer, but it doesnt really have a style anymore. Curling it just makes it look better! hehe.
Every single thing i am wearing my husband picked out! hehe! I was sooo proud! The best part is that everything fit really well! Which i was nervous about the pant size... but i guess he knows his wife well! haha.

Dinner was really nice! We actually went to the restaurant where we had our first date at. I got to meet everyone that is involved in my husband's work. (& all of their wives). Of course my husband and i were in his and hers outfits. haha. :)

[pictures to follow... but i dont know how to get them off my "new" camera. haha]

Today we had church and football and coffee.

Hubby and i have been talking about finding a new home church. We really LOVE the church that we go to now. We both have been going there for awhile now.. and we love our pastors and what our church stands for.
B U T our church is vveerrryyy big! very very big! You can kind of get lost in the crowd. We both grew up in smaller community churches and we have been wanting to get more involved in the church. We have been praying about it and decided to check out other churches.
We are still going to listen to our current church's services on podcast and stuff though. ;)

Today we checked out a church that my marriage mentors attend. I think we really fell in love. The message from one of the pastors was soo encouraging! He just preached the Bible! Everyone was really warm, inviting, and friendly. (numerous people came up to see us because they "didn't recognize" us and wanted to say hello) The pastor that preached even came up to us after his sermon to talk to us. We talked to another elder in the church about small groups and what their church is about.
I really fell in love. It was a smaller church. They are all about community but have a heart for missions and other countries. And you can tell how much love was there. I think we are going to go a few more weeks (and maybe check out other churches) before we make a full commitment. But i was really happy there. :)

matching outfits, new churches, and love. - M

♥ . ♥ . ♥

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