Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Confession Tuesday

What a day I had today!!!!

Lots of things went wrong with the DMV (except here it is just the driver's license office) and a car rental place. Martin and I were wanting to see my family in Oklahoma but it didn't work out.

There were some problems since I have an 'out of state license' (its so weird for me to say that.. since its a California license.. to me, Martin has the 'out of state license') and Martin is not 25 yet. Eh.. Well hopefully I can get my Alabama license soon so we can go somewhere next month for our anniversary.

Let me be honest with ya. (if you want to participate just grab the button, put it on your blog, and confess with me. Just leave a comment with your blog URL so I know you did too and I can check it out. )

Confession Tuesday

- Sometimes when I am cleaning and there are a lot of clothes (clean & dirty) I throw them all in the dirty clothes hamper because I just do not want to deal with them.

- Today I got ALL dolled up because I knew they were going to do a super high fashion photo shoot take my picture at the DMV    Driver's License Office.... but nope! I didn't have my birth certificate (I did however have my social security card, marriage license, and 'out of state license'.

- When on my cell phone with the car rental place I had a split second wish that I was on a "regular" phone so I could slam it. Tapping the 'off' button really hard just doesn't share the same relief as slamming a phone down.

 - Yesterday I ran on the elliptical while watching the Justin Bieber episode of Glee AND danced to 'Boyfriend' in the car. I can't help it... I kinda love like him.

Thats all I have for today! Have a very happy Independance day!

Confessions and Love, - Monica
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Rachel said...

Oh wow, that's so annoying! I also don't like the Secretary of State's office one bit--they tend to make things really hard on you. My 18 year old sister was trying to get her first driver's license--she had a passport, birth cert, acceptance letter to her college, and proof of residency. But they said she also needed either a marriage license, divorce papers or a high school diploma! But she was homeschooled and has never been married or divorced (at the ripe age of 18)--basically, the bottom line is that office is annoying but unavoidable! Sorry you didn't get to go on your trip!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Dislike. Oh Alabama... Hahaha.

I will also do confessions but I dont have my computer with me so I am doing everything on my phone.