Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! (:

Its that time again for Confession Tuesday. (: Here we go.

- Last week when I went on that lovely walk in my neighborhood  -- I got lost. I have no idea how it happened! I knew where I was.. and then I took a wrong turn and ended up WAY far away from my house. I meant to go on the walk for 45 minutes... but that turned into and hour and a half. It doesn't really help that the street names are all the same! Its so easy to get turned around in my neighborhood. I eventually had to get the GPS on my phone out!

- Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' is currently my ring tone. I LOVE this song. I cannot help but wanna dance whenever I hear it.... so I downloaded it. No shame.

- Sometimes when I take pictures of things... I purposefully put my wedding ring in the shot. I love being married.. and I love photos when the wedding ring is on display. hehe
 Hmm.. there is a pattern. hehe.

- Yesterday while working out I really wanted to yell at the workout instructor on Netflix. They are so cheerful and I know they are trying to be motivating but uh... sometimes I get annoyed. Stop saying "8 more" like its not a lot... it is a lot to me!

If you want to confess any silly, embarrassing, or fun thing that happened this past week.. come join the link up. Grab the code below and add it to your blog post. (:

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Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! (:

Confessions and Love. - Monica
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Rachel said...

I love your wedding ring picture confession! I can't imagine getting lost in your own neighborhood though! that would be a little scary, I'd think.

Stephanie said...

I might be by again a little later to join in your link-up, but I had to post about yesterday first. :P

Anonymous said...

When you said you'd gotten lost I didnt actually think you'd had to GPS yourself home, hehe.
I really like the new Justin beiber song too, Bryan hates it but I blast it when he isnt in the car, and the kids sing along too!

Mrs_V820 said...

yay! do it! its fun!

Mrs_V820 said...

ya.. I like KNEW I was in my neighborhood.. but I was so tired of going in circles so I finally got the GPS out. haha.
Martin likes the song.. I am glad. So we both sing and dance to it. haha.

Jessie said...

Okay the new Justin cd is amazing!! It's been playing in my car on repeat! Glad you made it home okay :)

Mrs_V820 said...

Oh I love it! Have you heard the NSync/justin mashup for Girlfriend? CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE! fantastic!