Monday, July 16, 2012

No Cell Phone Sunday

This Sunday was the first of (hopefully) many 'No Cell Phone Sunday'.

I have mentioned before that I am a textaholic.

I love relationships and staying in contact with people. There are a few friends that I text everyday just to say I am thinking about them.
I check my Facebook, Instagram,  & Twitter often  and love to update the world of all the fun things I am doing.
I look at my bloglovin from time to time to see if there are any new posts.
My email comes straight to my phone and I like to respond right when I get them or else honestly.. I will probably forget. hehe.

My phone is constantly beeping, popping, ba-dooping, and singing.

I would consider myself a multi-tasker and can e-mail, text, and quickly see if anyone 'liked' my status update all while watching a movie.

This pretty much drives my husband NUTS! He will look at me, during a movie, because of some awesomeness that just happened -- and I am looking down at my glowing phone.

I know that I have prided myself in being able to keep up with all of the social media out there -- but I do NOT want to ignore what is in front of me. I do not want to potentially HURT any of my relationships by spreading myself to thin.

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Being so far away from my family and majority of my friends I cannot just delete everything (nor would I want to)... but I think it is important to find a balance.

I ALWAYS have my phone by me. I never turn it off. I only put it on silent while we sleep so it doesn't wake up Martin... or I would probably have it on.

I decided to start a little tradition in my family called 'No Cell Phone Sunday' where we shut off ALL of our social media outlets and just enjoy our family.
I completely shut off my phone for an entire day. (Martin kept his on for emergencies and in case his boss called but still didn't use it).

It was fun! We did the same thing that we usually do on Sundays -- have breakfast, watch some shows, tune into our church, nap, and hangout. But my husband had my ENTIRE attention. No texts. No emails. No facebook statuses. Just husband and wife.
We loved it! It was hard at times and I wanted to check my social media from time to time... but I just ignored it and continued enjoying my husband time.

I would love to continue this idea with our future children too. Martin's family does a similar thing on Sundays. They just hang out with each other and try not to watch movies or go on the internet. Its family day. They play board games, card games, read their bibles together, and just enjoy each other's company.

Quality time. Oohhh it delights my heart. (:

Martin and I even played a card game called Nerts last night while listening to music. We had such a great time!

So enjoy the people around you! (: We can get so caught up in everything but make sure you are taking time out to truly BE with your loved ones.

undivided quality time, card games and love. - Monica
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Anonymous said...

Yay for Nerts! And yay for quality time. I wanted to text you yesterday but saw your post and decided to stay off my phone for the day also. I did spend some time on the computer but though lol

jennifer. said...

it's so hard sometimes to want to tweet and instagram every moment of life - or check emails. but that's awesome you shut your phone off! wednesday's is our date night, and we go technology free too :)

happy monday!

Jessie said...

What a great idea! I have the same problem I am ALWAYS texting someone, checking my apps, or my Facebook. My husband always jokes that I could live without him but not my cell phone, I ususally laugh it off but I would never want him to think that way. So I think I may have to try this no cell phone day- boy won't he get a SHOCK of his life. Thanks for the idea.

Liza said...

I love this idea. We aren't too attached to our phones, because we just have basic calling & text, but we tend to spend too much time on the computer. It would be great if we consciously made an effort to not be on the computer one day so that we could focus on each other. Thanks for the idea!

Hope your week is starting out well!

Rachel said...

That's a great tradition to start! My version of making sure I don't get too sucked into the technology world is just having a phone that doesn't text or have internet. lol!

Beth said...

I love this. I'm sharing on my blog (linking to you) because I think it's wonderful! Granted... I only have a few followers, but whatever, great message!

Mrs_V820 said...

awh.. thank you! That is so sweet. (: I really really loved doing it and want to do it every week. (: