Monday, July 9, 2012

Father of Lights

Martin and I had such a wonderful weekend together.

We watched shows, ate delicious food, and watched our California church from our Alabama living room (Soo thankful for live streaming).

Last night our church did a premiere of the Darren Wilson documentary 'Father of Lights'. Darren Wilson is the producer of Wanderlust Productions. He is an amazing and extremely talented man of God. He has also made the film 'Finger of God' documenting God's miraculous power all across the world and the 'sequel' 'Furious Love' about the extreme love of God. This third film 'Father of Lights' is all about Father God and how he is the light in dark places.  

It was so incredibly impacting! The movie is not set to release until October 2012 but we got blessed to watch it before. Our church is playing it live for 2 more days on so if you want to.. check it out.

We are called to be light in dark places. We, as Christians, need to show the love of the Father to all people that we come into contact with. We need to have a life-changing encounter with Father God.

Father, I pray for everyone reading this right now. I pray for a true encounter with their heavenly Father. I pray that you would touch any past hurt from their earthly father that would distort their vision of You, God. Lord, touch any area where the church has told them that you are angry or scary or just want to smite them. God, you are so good and love Your children. You adore each and every one of them and You just want to love on them. Lord, I pray that they can accept that free love that you want to shower upon them. God, I just pray for fresh encounters of the Father's love. I pray that every person will discover a deep passion inside of them to be a light. Lord, we are the light. Help us to see opportunities to be that light. 
In Jesus Name, Amen

light in the darkness, and love. - Monica
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