Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters.


Happy friday everyone! Linking up to write some letters. (:

Dear phone,
I am not sure why you keep sending me multiple texts over and over again. I keep thinking its a new text when I hear the *pop* sound... but no.. its the same text I got 2 minutes earlier. *pop* No.. still the same text. *pop* Oh! Oh.. no... thats the same text from a different friend.
I really don't think Alyssa is saying "How are you doing" 5 times in the last 10 minutes, after I have already answered her question. Please.just.stop.
signed,  I-will-put-you-on-silent

 I am not sure if I like you anymore. This week there is only 1 thing that hubby and I would even eat. Hmm.. maybe we should work on this. I am questioning our relationship.
Sincerely, The Stay at Home Wife

Dear Weather, 
I really enjoyed the rain these past few days. It was so nice being inside and just listening to thunder with my husband. Don't get to crazy though ... I still watch my weather app like a crazy person to make sure you aren't getting to out of hand. Lets keep it to some low 90s and some lovely off and on rainfall. Thanks!
with love, Me

Dear Hubby, 
I am so ready for the weekend with you! (: You told me this morning that we could play some games and I cannot wait! I adore spending time with you.. whether it is talking, enjoying a movie/shows,  playing games, or even watching you play Halo. I know that we have kinda become home-bodies lately but we can still go out and do things! I just love being with you.
Thank you for all you do for me and our little family! I am so grateful that you are always leading me to Jesus and that you have a heart for Him. I love you more and more everyday!
Love Always, Your Rib

Dear Lord, 
I had such a wonderful walk with You this morning. I am so glad that I decided to get up and do that. I am just in awe of who You are. I am unashamed of You & unashamed of me. Thank you for such a sweet and blissful time. You are my first love and my heart is ever-growing for You! My prayer is that everyone reading this will experience that love of the Father in a new way. God, I pray that their hearts will be open to You.  Whisper in their hearts like You do to me.
Forever, Your Daughter

Dear Superstition,
HAHAHAHA. Sorry.. but my God is bigger. Today is just Friday... and July 13th. Thats it. hahaha.
signed, Monica

happy weekend everyone!

letters and love, Monica
♥ . ♥ . ♥


Debbie said...

Hey, I found you through the link up. I love your blog. Hope you have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Dear Monica,

We quit using e-mealz for similar reasons. *grumble, grumble*

Sincerely, your SAHW buddy

Emily said...

ah the rain in Texas has been horrible! We need the sun back!

Beth said...

Loved your letter - so heartfelt and sweet! Glad I found you at Friday's Letters! :)

Jessie said...

My phone has been doing the same thing!! I keep thinking my friends want to talk t me but nope same texts 5 times

Mrs_V820 said...

Awh.. I am so glad you found me! (:

Mrs_V820 said...

Ya... I am not happy with emeals at the moment... but I paid for 3 months... so I guess I will be using it for 3 months.

Mrs_V820 said...

Awh... ya.. I guess Alabama needs it.. and I like it when I don't need to go anywhere. hehe

Mrs_V820 said...

Thank you so much Beth! I try to be as real and open as I can be on here. (: Glad you found me too

Mrs_V820 said...

Ya.. I keep thinking that I am popular... then I realize it is the 6th text with my friend saying "okay". Grr!

Brandy said...

Great letters!

Rustic Love said...

Hi Lovely, I found you through friday's letters. So nice to find another young couple and sisters in Christ!


Stephanie said...

Yeah, I saved all the menus we got, and I still make the meals we liked. You've reminded me that I really do need to go through the files and finish saving the ones that I want to try, and just get rid of the rest. :)

Nicholl Vincent said...

read your comment on a blog about 200 invitations and only 90 shows after 150 rsvp's. Literally, exact same thing happened to me. So, hi there! haha

Come to and say hello!


Ashlee Danielle said...

Sweet letters! I hope you have a great weekend! Feel free to stop by